Community Built

A philosophy of learning and improving together.


Pioneering Design

We are driven by education and the exploration of new ideas — you could say learning has been engrained in our culture from day one. By designing our products in-house, and engaging with customers honestly and directly, we learn what works and what doesn’t from the people who use and love our products.

We believe design shouldn't be an esoteric process that happens in a box. We strive to open up the discussion, and in doing so constantly refine our products to be higher quality and more thoughtfully designed.

Know Before You Purchase

We believe in the power of information to help us make more thoughtful decisions. At Bull & Stash we open up the conversation for everyone to share opinions, experiences, and feedback on our products. You deserve to know the truth, not from us, but from the people who use the things we make.

As conscious buyers, we understand how much work it requires to read review after review just to know what you're really getting. In a day of constant advertising and PR spins, an honest unpaid product review can be a safe haven.


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