Choosing a notebook should be a thoughtful decision you make once and get to enjoy over the long haul.

We've made creating that notebook our mission.


A few pages of writing a week can revolutionize the way you remember.

(behind great note taking lies science)

Stay focused.

No bright screens, no meeting reminders, no email alerts. Distractions happen significantly less off-line. 1

Remember more.

Writing notes has shown to encourage a deeper understanding of ideas and increased long-term retention of information. 2

Think with clarity.

Writing and reviewing handwritten notes may increase clarity of thoughts and accuracy of decisions. 3


"This could be the last notebook you ever buy."

- Business Insider

We heard you're into leather.

Don't know if you're ready for the commitment of a life-long notebook? No sweat, we'll give you 30 days to decide if you'd like to spend the rest of your life together. If it's not a match we'll take it back for a full refund, no questions asked.


1. Friedman, M.C. (2014). Notes on Note-taking: Review of Research and Insights for Students and Instructors Table of Contents.

2. Bohay, M., Blakely, D. P., Tamplin, A. K., & Radvansky, G. A. (2011). Note taking, review, memory, and comprehension. The American Journal of Psychology

3. Schuh, A.J. (1978) Effects of an early interruption and note taking on listening accuracy and decision making in the interview. Bull. Psychon. Soc.

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