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We asked 50 Product Pioneers to test out our new notebooks and share their thoughts.

Here's what they had to say:


"I especially love that the top folds completely back making it so easy to write with. My only nagging sugggesiton is to have micro perforated pages."


"I don't get the same rugged "pass this on to the grandkids" feel that I get from the original, but I really dig the sleekness. I echo the need for stitching that others have mentioned. "


" I am not a fan of the glued covers though as it can shift, not align exactly, or come loose at the edges. I would suggest sewing the covers together with similar color thread."


"Excellent redesign. The paper binding...still needs work...This is a major shortcoming and the binding needs to support (almost) flat open book."

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You asked, and we listened.

See what's new:

01: Perforated Pages

Micro-perforation along the spine allows for clean removal of pages and easier folding as you get to the back pages of your notebook.

02: A pocket for your thoughts

A sewn pocket on the inside provides a functional place to stash your best ideas and anything else you might need on the go.

03: Durable Stitching

A clean line of stitching to provide extra support over a lifetime of use while keeping a minimal low profile look.

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