Bull & Stash is here to help the world think with greater clarity and confidence, one page at a time.

One Notebook

We believe that buying a notebook should be a thoughtful decision you make once and get to enjoy over a lifetime. Each notebook we make is built with a premium top-grain Italian leather cover, thick paper, and hand assembled in our US factory with this philosophy in mind.

We were students at a liberal arts school in Oregon when we started Bull & Stash. This meant two things: we had lots of ideas, and shrinking space in our desk drawers to keep them all. Think piles of notebooks. One day, one of us hit a tipping point (literally, notebooks covered the floor). We agreed we needed a simple place to keep our best ideas, and an easy way to recycle our — well — not so good ones.

We started Bull & Stash to provide a simple, professional alternative to the status quo.

While we appreciated the overwhelming number of choices at retail stores, we were hard pressed to find a notebook that looked professional enough to take with us to our summer internships, and that wouldn’t leave us with overflowing drawers of used notebooks.

Rather than running to the local bookstore to sell our notebooks, we chose to bring the process of buying a notebook into the 21st century, and sell directly to you online. By doing this, we’re able to engage in innovative conversations about our products and offer the last notebook you’ll ever need at a price that still makes you look smart.

We continue to write our story, and we hope our notebooks help you to write yours.